Majestic by Day, Dazzling at Night – The Petronas Twin Towers

Guilty as charged.  I have had another significant gap between blogs, BUT I am now 35 weeks pregnant and so I am going to use that as my excuse!  To be honest, had I blogged more it very well could have been disastrous as ‘pregnancy brain’ has been in full effect for me…just ask my husband who I know can and will wholeheartedly attest to this!

We were however, extremely blessed during the month of April to have family come and visit us from the opposite side of the world!  Our cousins from Washington, D.C and our family from Madison, WI made the long trek over.  Being able to spend time together as a family in the city that we currently call home was the absolute best part, but we were also able to get out and about and explore this beautiful city together!  Since we moved here we have quickly accumulated a bucket list of the places we want to see and a checklist of the things that we want to do, but knew that we should hold off on checking them off our own list because we were confident that at some point we would have family come visit.  I remember when we lived in Atlanta, GA that if I would have had to put the tourist cap on and go to the Georgia Aquarium or The World of Coke or Centennial Olympic Park one more time, I may or may not have been at the brink of deciding to drop our guests off and go to a local watering hole for a glass of wine or two until they finished up! My point is…you don’t want to overdue it with the touristy spots when you relocate to a new city, as you want to be able to truly enjoy them and so waiting until family came to visit actually had us excited to become KL tourists for a few days!

I think we can all agree that a city’s skyline can be one of the most amazing things about a city, well depending upon the city, but some cities have skylines that are absolutely breathtaking.  You can see a picture of a skyline and immediately know if it is New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, London, Atlanta, Miami, Dubai, Brazil or even Kuala Lumpur.  A skyline encompasses not only the city’s natural beauty, but it’s buildings and its own distinct architecture.  They are truly picturesque.  And we are extremely fortunate to be living in a city that boasts the 17th best city skyline on the planet!

There is no doubt that what truly makes the Kuala Lumpur skyline one of the best are the landmark Petronas Twin Towers.  They, along with the Kuala Lumpur Tower literally dominate the sky! The Petronas Twin Towers were the tallest in the world from 1998-2004 until the Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan was completed in 2004, but the Petronas Twin Towers still do remain the tallest twin towers in the world today! If you are interested in reading more about the history of the Petronas Twin Towers, please feel free to click on this link:

Prior to moving to Kuala Lumpur, I have to admit that I had never heard of the Petronas Twin Towers.  I literally knew nothing about them.  That realization has since forced me to want to know more about the WORLD that we live in, not just the world that we think we live in when we are in the United States. There is so much beauty and splendor in the world and Kuala Lumpur is no exception…the KL skyline has literally become a part of our daily life, Ariane’s backyard and playground, our family room’s only necessary art work displayed through a wall of glass, our bathrooms backdrop, a landmark to know that we aren’t lost, but close to home the moment we see the strikingly beautiful towers, whether during the day or late at night and we don’t for a moment take it for granted. The Petronas Twin Towers are a visual jaw dropper, you can’t help but just stop and look and admire.

Here are the Petronas Twin Towers from our family room – a wondrous work of art! Oh and don’t mind the tropical swallowtail moth, also called the Laos brown butterfly in the last pic! They visit our window from time to time, typically during April through August. Our summertime window clings!

Our backyard

Bath time with an incredible view!  Except when the weather is rainy, the Towers literally vanish!

Or the tops of the Towers disappear into the stormy skies!

So this became the perfect time to take our very first Petronas Twin Towers tour when family came to visit. An opportunity to see the city from within the Towers and experience the KL skies from way up on the 86th Floor!  We had been advised by many people to purchase our tickets in advance and to book the 9:00am time slot so that is what we did and it worked out perfectly with regards to being the very first tour and being the first tour group to view the observation deck and the 86th floor on that day.  On the tour we learned that the 88-story Twin Towers soar to an incredible height of 451.9 meters (1482.6 feet).  The first stop on the tour is a short elevator ride 170 meters up where you are welcomed to the Skybridge.  The double decker skybridge is the ‘connecting’ structure between the two towers and the world’s highest 2-story bridge.

What I found to be the most interesting part of this tour stop, aside from being able to see the beauty of the city was that the skybridge is NOT attached to the main structure. It was designed to slide in and out of the towers to prevent it from breaking.  Um….I wasn’t so sure how I felt about this! Did it make me feel better that the 2-story bridge we were standing on is not supposed to break or can I not get over the fact that I was told that it is NOT attached?!  We were then free to begin taking in the impressive sights and take pictures from behind the glass of the skybridge, along with many ‘selfies’ and ‘usies’ (or group selfies).  I did, however, require myself to look a bit further into this unattached, swaying bridge situation and found that it is because the towers sway several feet towards and away from each other during high winds.  Another fact I will enlighten you with is that the skybridge also acts as a safety measure should there be a fire or emergency in one tower.  It can act as an evacuation route from one tower to the next. I will conclude the skybridge portion of this blog by acknowledging that clearly I am not an architect because I still find no comfort in the unattached, swaying bridge situation. Okay….moving on.

Getting our Petronas Twin Towers tour started! The skybridge and a couple of KL view shots

Family ‘Usies”!

From here we were escorted up, up and away to the 86th Floor or the Observation Deck. Here you are given another opportunity to take pictures of the breathtaking views and they do not disappoint!  You can also get a good close-up of the opposite tower’s spire, which is extremely exquisite, along with the opportunity to learn a bit about the tower’s history through digital displays, timelines and exhibits.  Ariane also did a bit of modeling while up there, so feel free to also strike a pose!


So what purpose do these towers serve besides being majestic by day and dazzling at night?  Well Tower One is completely occupied by the Malaysian state oil company, Petronas and then Tower Two is filled with global companies like Bloomberg, Boeing, Microsoft & Reuters, just to name a few.  Aside from how majestic & dazzling the Petronas Twin Towers are, I also very much like that at the base of the towers you will find Suria KLCC Mall, along with many restaurants and then just a few steps outside there is a water fountain that hosts nightly water light shows, and Taman KLCC (KLCC Park) that has a wading pool for children, a gigantic playground, walking paths and a jogging track.  The area that surrounds the Petronas Twin Towers is quite spectacular and one of our favorite places here in KL to take family walks, watch Ariane explore the massive playground that seems to stretch for miles and to get some of the most impressive views of the towers.

Views of the Petronas Twin Towers from the park, along with Symphony Lake where the nightly, musical water fountain show takes place.  Thank you Marcus & Johnetta Hammonds for being my models in a couple of these tower shots!

Arianes’s Wading Pool Adventures!

Ariane’s Sprawling Playground!

Views of the Towers from Heli Lounge Bar (with Clark & Ashley Wade)!

Views of the towers from Fuego Restaurant!

And views of the Towers from Marini’s on 57!

So, would I go on the Petronas Twin Towers tour again?  Yes for a couple of reasons.  I would really like to experience the tour at night.  I believe the last tour begins at 8:00pm and I think that it would be absolutely incredible to see the city from that high up at that time of night with all of the buildings that light up the KL sky.  Doing the day tour again for me would not be a must, BUT I would do it in a heartbeat if it meant that we had more family and/or friends come visit!

What didn’t I like about the tour, besides the ‘unattached, swaying bridge’?  When you take the tour of the Petronas Twin Towers, you are missing one thing….being able to fully view the Petronas Twin Towers in all their magnificence, glory & grandeur!  Selfishly I prefer ‘touring’ the towers from our living room window where I can just sit and stare and admire.  Now all I need is for this baby boy to be born so I can multi-task all of that with a nice glass of red wine. Cheers!


Photo credit: Tiffany & Tamara Wade

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