Truly a Kid’z Paradise


I personally had never heard of a soft play centre until we moved to Kuala Lumpur. I was obviously familiar with places like Chuck E. Cheese’s and Monkey Joe’s, but I don’t think either would be considered a soft play centre. Monkey Joe’s I guess would be the closest comparison due to having soft, inflatable slides, but the soft play centres here in KL are actually quite amazing and fun!

Ari and I decided to head to our very 1st soft play centre a few weeks ago.  Daddy dropped us off because it was conveniently located directly across from his workplace.  Our first soft play centre adventure was to Kid’z Paradise at Quill City Mall.

I knew from the moment we were at the front entrance of Kid’z Paradise that Ari was going to have a blast!  I did not know at the time, that Mommy would also have a great time and a newfound addiction to visiting all of the soft play centres in KL.

A few things to keep in mind that we quickly learned upon our arrival.  The cost to enter was RM 28, which is equivalent to approximately $7 USD.  This specific play centre only accepted cash (I believe it had to exceed a certain amount for a credit card to be accepted), which is fine, but annoying at the time since we waited 20 minutes for the place to open. Ari was so excited to go in and start playing and extremely upset when she was forced to go in the opposite direction to locate an ATM.  Like near temper tantrum upset.  We finally found the ATM, took out some cash, made our way back to Kid’z Paradise, got settled in and put on our socks, which are mandatory for hygiene purposes.  If you forget socks, don’t worry because they sell them at the entrance.  I fortunately and surprisingly had thought of this, which was probably because of the 4 years that I worked at Chuck E. Cheese so we were sock ready!.  No socks at these establishments is just gross.  Even though this soft play centre doesn’t allow food & drinks in the play area and is constantly being cleaned, germs are germs and they lurk everywhere so SOCK UP!

Upon entering, I let Ari explore and decide what she wanted to do first.  It was so nice because we were the only ones currently there so the place was all ours.  I can only imagine what this place would look like on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday.  In fact I will probably avoid places like these on the weekends, because if they are anything like the congestion and chaos at Chuck E. Cheese’s then they would need to serve alcohol.

Ari immediately gravitated towards an area that is known as the Cassia Seed Pool.  Cassia seeds are widely cultivated in China  The best way to describe them in my opinion is similar to brown rice.  The seeds are actually used in a lot of tea blends, often times in detoxing teas as a natural ingredient that helps promote weight loss.  As far as I was concerned, it was a nice substitute for sand as I looked at the area more like a giant sandbox with a ton of cool sand toys!  The cassia seeds were not as messy as sand would have been and were very easy to brush off of us as we went from playing in the cassia sand pool to playing in the other areas. This was especially nice for Ariane who doesn’t like to stay in one place for very long.

After having lots of fun in the cassia seed pool, we were off and headed for the ball pit!  Ari was both serious and a bit curious as to what this was all about and what we were exactly supposed to be doing as we were surrounded by an endless amount of colorful plastic balls. After awhile she had so much fun walking through them, falling down into them, being buried in them (well she liked this, but was also slightly terrified; she would be smiling and laughing one second and then have a look of sheer panic the next) and tromping through them so she could make her way up the colorful and soft shaped ‘stairs’ so she could then slide on into the ball pit!

I have to say that as a Mom who worries all of the time about her child getting hurt, especially when we go to playgrounds, this experience was completely different.  She was exploring and doing things that she had never done, like inclined wall climbing and jumping on trampolines and because of this soft and safe play environment, I was at complete ease while she did a thorough exploration of this joint.

Besides seeing my daughter have an incredibly fun experience at this soft play centre, I too had so much fun.  At first I was just enjoying watching Ari explore and observing her from a distance while she moved from one play area to another, but it was then that I was informed that I too could also get involved!  I was allowed to play in the cassia seed pool, get buried in the ball pit, go down the ball pit slide, jump around on the trampoline and slide down all of the slides. It was so much fun and overall just a really great Mommy/Daughter day date. My favorite moment, even though there were many, was when Ari wanted to keep going down the slides with me.  All she kept saying when we got to the bottom was ‘more’, ‘more’, ‘more’ as she giggled.


After a couple of hours of play, it was time to head on out and we did with surprisingly little resistance from Ari.  It was very clear just a few short minutes later that our time at Kid’z Paradise also resulted in an almost immediate 2 hour nap session!  Needless to say, we will be visiting again as we had such a wonderful time and I don’t know any Mom that would complain about their child taking a 2 hour nap.


Next up on our soft play centre adventures will be Kid’s E World at The Gardens Mall. Can’t wait!


Ariane & Mommy Day Date at Kid’z Paradise Video




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