Family Fun Day at Titiwangsa Park

This past Saturday The Wade’s decided to visit one of many recreational parks in the city. Upon arriving we knew that we had stumbled upon something great!  As we were looking for a parking spot, we couldn’t help but notice all of the different things that we would be able to do on this sunny Saturday morning.  Our main mission while here was to take an enjoyable family bike ride through the park.

Park 10

Can I please add that the last time that I physically rode a bicycle was probably in the early 90’s!  I was slightly terrified, yet confident that I would be a natural and that I would be as the so called saying goes, ‘once a biker, always a biker’.

Okay so we park the car and immediately begin to scope out the bicycle inventory.  This was by the way going to be the very first time that Ariane had been ‘biking’ obviously on the back of a bike and preferably with Daddy, because I unfortunately could not guarantee her complete safety.  After trying out a few bikes that weren’t quite the right fit (it kind of felt like Goldilocks and The Three Bears), we finally found a bike for Antoine that had the child seat in the back and a bike for me that also had a child seat that Ariane would not be riding in and a basket in the front that was perfect for my purse.  Our bicycles were just right! The cost for renting two bicycles for an hour was 20 MYR (Malaysia Ringgits) or $5 USD  Okay so off we go!

So many to choose from….need to find me one with a basket!

Park 8

Ariane looking for a bicycle that was JUST RIGHT!

Park 18

I am not going to lie, I was a bit rusty.  Antoine was casually riding along (too fast in my opinion), Ariane’s curls were blowing in the breeze and I on the other hand was struggling and sweating, lagging behind by roughly 30 meters (yes I said ‘meters’.  I am trying everyday to figure out meters, kilometers, kilograms and Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions…it is exhausting).  So close to 100 feet.  Better?  The point is that I am trailing far behind.  I will say that I was enjoying myself, despite my husband turning around to laugh at me and probably half the time wonder where I am.  The park was absolutely beautiful, extremely well kept and there was so much going on and it really did feel good to be out in the hot KL sun with my family taking a bike ride and just enjoying our day together.  Before we even got to the park, I had thought about how adorable it would be to take a picture of Daddy & Ariane riding a bike together.  I was confident that I could get the perfect shot.  Well it turns out that I probably would have ended up on the ground with the bike on top of me so I decided to settle for the pictures that I was able to capture.  Did I mention that I almost took out a 3 year old rollerblader?

A few pics while bike riding (at a complete stop of course!)

Park 9

Park 22

The Wade’s getting their bike on!

Park 7

Halfway through our family bike ride, we took a break at an awesome playground so Ari could get out, stretch the legs and have a bit of fun.  I can not believe how many awesome playgrounds are in Kuala Lumpur.  They are all so bright and colorful and just seem never ending.  It is one playground structure after another, after another, after another.  Ari has so much fun and is so curious to discover what new things she can do or learn when faced with playgrounds that offer new stuff like floating wood bridges, long spiral slides, monkey bars and teeter totters.

So bright & colorful!

Park 11

Hello to my many admirers!  I am the playground queen!

Park 14

Daddy helping me figure this ‘ol wobbly bridge out

Park 12

This is how cool people slide….want to see it again?

Park 17

Once the fun at the playground was over, we finished our grueling bike ride back to where all of the fun had started.  We then noticed some powered ride on toys for kids (you know, like imitation Audi’s, Mercedes and Volvos in a miniature size) and figured we would rent one for Ari just to see how she would do cruising the designated park streets.  I was sure it would last all of 1 minute, but then we discovered that these were actually more than just powered ride on toys, this was an actual remote controlled car track where parents could help their little ones control the car with an actual remote controller!  This was a lot of fun!  Ari was whipping around in a Range Rover, going through red lights (well actually the blame here would be on Daddy as he was the one in full control of the vehicle).She got in a fender bender with another child, she just about drove into a tree and she seemed to like opening the driver side door while the vehicle was in motion.  I am glad we have 14+ years until we need to put this child on the streets!

Close Call!

Park 5

Ariane runs these streets!

Park 6

Probably getting pulled over for reckless driving

Park 15

After leaving the ‘speedway’, we ventured off to find some ice cream to top off our awesome day at Titiwangsa Park.  Needless to say, this may have been Ariane’s favorite part.  Clearly leaving a few ice cream licks for the car ride home.

Snack & Ice Cream Shop!

Park 20

Yummy!  I’m sorry, why are you staring at me?  Is there something on my face?

Park 1

Want some?  I am practicing how to share.  No?  Okay then it is all mine!

Park 2

All in all, we absolutely loved this park and will definitely be returning.  Aside from being able to rent bikes, spend countless hours at the playground, speed around at the remote control car track and eat some yummy ice cream, the park also offers visitors great walking/jogging paths in its beautiful surroundings, paddle boating, canoeing, rollerblading, plenty of locations to picnic, horse riding and tennis courts.

The Wade family left Titiwangsa Park unscathed and ready for more!  Ariane clearly loved it as well and left there saying ‘bike’, ‘bike’, ‘bike’.  She wasn’t ready to leave, but nap time was approaching and I might add that her exhaustion level was at an all time high because she took one hell of a nap!

Great day with my incredible husband

Park 4

And our amazing daughter.

Park 3

And a couple of videos to further sum up our awesome Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Family Fun Day at Titiwangsa Park

  1. bahahah this is hilarious!! The bike ride and the remote control car sounds awesome! This is a must when we come back in April.


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