Y’all Are Moving Where & Why?!

Great question!  If we go ahead and rewind a few months back, I can share with you how we ended up moving to Kuala Lumpur.  My husband had recently graduated from Georgia Tech with his MBA and aside from that impressive accomplishment, he also had a goal of finding a new position within an international company that would increase his job responsibilities and further advance his professional career.

Just before his graduation, he landed an Associate Vice President role for a global software company.  Soon after his acceptance, we found out that we would need to relocate to Austin, TX as that is where the company headquarters is located.  It was definitely a bittersweet moment.  We absolutely loved our life in Atlanta, GA and had lived there for 7 years.  Some of our biggest life accomplishments happened while living there.  We moved into an apartment together for the very 1st time, we got engaged, we got married, we built our first home together and we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into our family.  We developed strong friendships with so many people and had family that lived close and even more family that lived just a short road trip away.  How can we leave all of this?  Are we ready?

The answer is that we can and we are!  We both had an itch to do something else, explore another city, have a new adventure.  We were extremely excited to move to Austin.  It was going to be our next family adventure and we were ready for it!  We were excited to expose our daughter to a new city and conquer it together like we had as a couple in Atlanta.  We also had really close friends that already lived there (love you Julia & Matt!).  They were not only our friends, they would be immediate family to us as we started our lives in a new city.  We started researching areas to live, places to visit, daycares to consider and everything else that you take into consideration when relocating.  Our house was on the market, buyers were interested and the Wade Family was ready to head to Austin!

That is when things changed rather quickly (and with Antoine Wade as my husband, this should have been no surprise for me!)

Antoine’s new company was also looking for an Area Vice President over their SE Asia market.  This position would be based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Like many people, we enjoy a good House Hunters International episode.  Some watch it and can’t believe that people would uproot their lives to go live somewhere overseas outside of the United States and then others watch and wish it were them with the opportunity to live elsewhere. For us, it always resulted in numerous conversations about our interest and willingness to live internationally. We both had serious interest and really considered it as a potential opportunity.  This was solidified after we had taken a vacation to San Jual Del Sur, Nicaragua in late 2013. We fell in love with the simple life, we loved the feeling of being immersed within a different culture, we enjoyed seeing how different people live and how an opportunity to live in another country should definitely be considered.

Fast forward to my husband and I sitting at our favorite local bar in our neighborhood, Rick Tanner’s.  Antoine told me about the opportunity in Kuala Lumpur and asked if I would be interested.  I said well sure, thinking it was a long shot, but definitely one that we would be open to.  Antoine immediately (like immediately) emailed his boss, voiced his interest and it was LITERALLY within minutes that he received a response from his boss, ‘is your wife on board’?  Obviously I was and things from there moved very quickly.  Our move to Austin was postponed, our move to Kuala Lumpur was a reality.

As we shared the news with family and friends, responses and reactions were quite entertaining.  Our family was very supportive, yet they had a lot of questions and hesitations.  Friends for the most part were excited, yet those we were closest to had mixed emotions.  From the time we committed to moving to Kuala Lumpur to the time that we actually left, my eyes were opened to just how blind most of us are to life on the opposite side of the world.

Here are some of the serious and quite comical questions that we were asked. You are moving where? Why would you move there?  Is it safe?  Do they live in huts?  Is it in the dessert?  What will you eat?  Dog meat?  How will you have to dress?  Do you have to cover yourself from head to toe?  Is that near Saudi Arabia?   Where will you shop?  Where will you buy food from?  What language do they speak?  What side of the road do they drive on?  Do they have a Target?  What is the weather like?  Do they drink alcohol?  Have you visited?

The questions kept rolling in!  The best part prior to our big move is that we were able to educate so many people about our soon to be new city.  One that we didn’t know much about, with the exception of my husband visiting KL before on business and assuring me that I would love it.  Aside from that we had done a lot of research on KL to know that we were going to be living in a beautiful city, with extraordinary architecture, a melting pot of countless cultures and an opportunity to live internationally in an exquisite place with a ton of history that we look forward to sharing with all of you on our journey.

I would like to share just a couple of videos that Antoine and I really enjoyed watching before our big move…..people love it here!  The food, the culture, the city!

More to come on The Wade Adventures in KL!




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