My Decision To Blog

Good Morning or Good Afternoon or Good Evening!  I swear this time zone change is absolutely crazy and has been a huge adjustment for us, but we are now for the most part living our day during what we used to know as night and our night during what we used to know as day!  So whatever time of day it is for you….welcome to my blog!

So I made the decision to start a blog with the encouragement of my husband, in order to capture our family experiences while living in Kuala Lumpur  (KL), Malaysia.  Although I am a pretty avid Facebook poster, this seemed like a far better way for me to share with family & friends our adventures in KL.  My goal is to enlighten others about a completely different culture and way of living, share our individual experiences as expats and the everyday encounters that we have, highlight some vacations & family journeys that we embark on and hopefully entertain y’all with what I will call ‘the international learning curve’.

There is so much to learn about this place that we will call home for the next 2 years and there is so much that we want to do while we are here…it truly seems like the opportunities are endless and I hope that those who choose to follow my blog will feel like they are in some way on this journey with us.  So….who are ‘The Wade’s?  Why are we in KL? Well….continue to read my blog and I will very soon introduce you to my family and our decision to move halfway across the world!

Welcome to ‘Wade Adventures in KL’!

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